“Xmaze – Untold Beauty Secrets” originates from ancient Indian recipes renowned for their time-honoured, natural, and holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The name “Xmaze” embodies values of purity, the celebration of innate beauty, simplicity, global resonance, emotional connection, and market distinction. It effectively communicates the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering authentic, natural beauty products.

Admarketing played a pivotal role in collaborating with XMaze to establish a brand identity from its inception, encompassing its strategic development and its integration into packaging design. This collaborative effort was underpinned by an exhaustive research process, culminating in the crafting of an identity poised to profoundly resonate with and engage the discerning minds of the target audience. Together, we’ve woven a tapestry of beauty and wellness, inviting people to embrace the allure of age-old Indian traditions, all designed to make you feel truly cherished.




August 2023


Xmaze logo
Xmaze ayurvedic hair oil
xmaze cream
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